We know that you want to experience the ultimate in aerodynamic technology whether for racing or simply beating your mates to the next town sign, because we do too! Which is why we stock market leading aero bikes and framesets with a wide range of ways to customise to your specific taste.

Geometry for bikes of this type tends to be longer in reach, and force the ride to take a slightly more aggressive position. If you’d like some advice on which aero frame would suit you best then follow this link to our fitting page.

We’ve selected our aero choices below, from the cutting edge to the best in balancing performance to budget we’re happy to help you find the right bike or frame.


With frame & fork combo’s coming in at as little 990g, we at 2Pedalz can help you create a lightweight masterpiece. The bikes and framesets below are our picks for those of you weight weenies.

If it is a frame build you’re after, be sure to contact us on our contact form at the bottom of the page


Sportive’s, Gran Fondo’s, Audaxing or Randonneuring, these bikes cover a vast array of cycling without surrendering the speed of their performance focused cousins.

They feature more forgiving geometry whilst retaining aerodynamic efficiency, proven by the fact that some of these models are raced by regional pro teams such as Team Cinelli Chrome.