Now that 2Pedalz is part of CycleFit, it opens a whole new level of fitting to our customers.

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This is the potted history of who Julian and Phil are from CycleFit, and how they became the UK’s leading fitters with over 25,000 fits to their name…

Twenty-two years ago, both of us faced grim prognoses from our racing injuries, casting doubts on our ability to return to competitive cycling. In the midst of an unyielding traditional cycling community, we found ourselves isolated, lacking guidance or support. Being pioneers meant navigating uncharted territory, but with each other’s unwavering support and a relentless drive to learn and innovate, we embarked on a journey towards clarity, devising a plan of action, and ultimately reclaiming our positions in the forefront of competition. Along the way, we embraced a set of guiding principles that continue to shape our approach to this day.

1995 – Julian & Phil are Broken Men

A full racing life of criteriums, road racing, cyclo-x, and mountain biking came to an abrupt halt due to our injuries. No amount of surgery, physio, or pharmaceuticals got us back on the start line. And for good reason – we weren’t addressing the underlying cause.

2000-2001 – Meeting Legend Ben Serotta

Phil met Ben Serotta when reviewing The Serotta Ottrott for Cycle Sport Magazine in San Diego. Ben’s frustration synchronizing the human body with his custom bicycles resonated with us. Attending the Serotta School of Bike Fitting in New York solidified our commitment to mastering the art of fitting.

2001-2002 – Fit The Foot First

The Serotta Elements and Advanced Classes, along with our own research, were milestones in authoring the Cyclefit process. But we wanted to go further, focusing on foot control. Private courses with Paul Swift, inventor of LeWedge, deepened our understanding of foot-canting mechanics.

2002 – Links to Sports-Medico Community

Recognizing that cycle fitting was only one component of the complete picture, we sought collaboration with medical professionals interested in working with cyclists. This partnership led to the establishment of a professional network, enriching our practice and expanding our knowledge base.

2002 – 2003

Cyclefit opened in Covent Garden as Europe’s first center devoted to modern bike fitting and cycling analysis. Despite skepticism, we attracted a diverse clientele, including professional athletes like Nicole Cooke and Andrea Whitcombe, as well as members of the cycling public seeking improvement.

2004 – Foot-Obsessed

We prioritized stabilizing the foot before addressing pedal dynamics, introducing custom-molded cycling insoles. This focus on foot biomechanics set a new standard for comfort and performance.

2010 – Trek Precision Fit School

Our collaboration with Trek since 2009 led to the development of a practical fitting syllabus and Trek Precision Fit service. This partnership, combined with Trek’s state-of-the-art teaching facility, has raised industry standards and trained hundreds of students worldwide.

2012 – Pressure Mapping

Cyclefit became the first fitting company in the UK to use saddle and foot pressure mapping by our friends at gebioMized in Germany. This technology enhanced our fitting process, providing precise feedback to clients.

2012 – Leading the Conversation

Hosting the inaugural International Cyclefit Symposium brought together experts from around the world to explore the science of bike fitting, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

2015 – Present – Empowering Women in Cycling

Partnering with elite women’s cycling teams like Team Matrix and Team Drops reflects our dedication to supporting female athletes and promoting inclusivity in the sport.

2016 – 2017 Technical Partners for Team Drops

We are thrilled to be Team Drop’s Technical Partners. With a full squad of 18 riders and racing all around the world, we have been kept endlessly busy getting all the girls optimum road and TT positions

2017 – Lecture at The Royal Society of Medicine

It was fantastic to be invited to speak at The Institute Sport Exercise and Health Conference at Royal Society of Medicine, Jan 2017, by organsiser Dr Courtney Kipps. Sharing a cycling injuries module with colleagues Dr David Hulse, Michael Crebbin (physio) and Dr Courtney Kipps, showed how bike-fitting can absorb responsibility for tracking underlying se in cycling and triathlon injuries.

September 2017 – Tom Pidcock wins Junior Worlds TT Julian had been working with Tom Pidcock for a couple of years – but primarily his road and cyclo-x position. Tom came down to Cyclefit under a week before he flew out to Denmark to represent Team GB in Junior World Championships TT. Even so, Jules was convinced that he could win. He was right! Fun fact – Cyclefit worked with 10% of the 2022 Tour de France Peloton.

February 2018 – The Midlife Cyclist lecture Series

Phil started researching and writing The Midlife Cyclist in 2017 (during a sabbatical for back-surgery). Which informed and shaped a fascinating Midlife Cyclist Lecture Series. The series ran for two years and hosted truly breathtaking and ground-breaking speakers. And a good deal of very fine red wine was drunk!

Landrace Bicycles by Cyclefit

The idea behind Landrace was to design and build a small and authentic range of bicycles. That would help people move efficiently in the world, over their chosen terrain, with a small footprint. Our first Landrace was made for us by our great friends at Seven in Boston and was made of US milled titanium. The pandemic put Landrace on hold as we all locked down. But now we are planning a UK built steel Landrace as well as US made titanium models.

Image: Julian (middle) and Phil (right) helping to fit “Team Drops” in 2017/18 Season

Julian and Phil Fitting