Ridley Kanzo Fast


Pay a 50% deposit per item

The Ridley Kanzo Fast is lightning fast on any terrain. Their effective power transfer helps you convert every single watt into maximum speed. They’re expert at cutting through wind while keeping you comfortable to ensure that you can confidently go the distance. Engineering that will have you flying – no matter the terrain or weather conditions, Fast and Fun!

Ensuring aerodynamics is on point, the bikes were extensively tested in Ridleys wind tunnel. Ridley engineers also tested naturally on Gravel to ensure a hefty chunk of comfort. The Kanzo Fast has a lowered seat stay for vertical compliance, comfortable seatpost and true gravel geometry.

All Options are Available – Dream Build, Bike or Frameset

Design your Own Colourway;

Original @ £99.00, Purest £99.00, Radiant £225.00, Fade £225.00,

Radiant £255.00, Heritage £409.00, Inspired by You2 £409.00

(Inspired 3 & Inspired 4 Included in Price )

Our skilled build is crucial, your bike’s very special, we’ll do it all after you make the call, when we deliver to your door, it’ll be exciting and more……

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